Can You Really Be Acne Free In 3 Days?

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I know that you have seen the commercials and read the magazine ads that claim they have the product that can cure your acne problem immediately.  For all of the hype and bold claims, do any of these products really work as fast as they claim to?  Can you really be acne free in 3 days?  To be honest, no.  But you can take steps to rid yourself of our acne in 3 days.

The first thing you need to do is look at your diet.  What we put in our bodies affects everything.  If you have a diet full of junk food, carbonated beverages and fatty foods, your outside will reflect what you are putting in your inside.  So, eliminate all of those foods that you know you shouldn’t be eating.  It’s hard, I know.  Replace the junk with fresh fruits and vegetables.  You will feel and look a lot better in a matter of days.

Along with adding fruits and vegetables to your diet, you should also increase the amount of water that you drink.  Water hydrates all of the body’s cells and that includes the skin as well.  If you increase your water intake, you will flush out all of the harmful impurities that cause skin blemishes.

Next, try adding some exercise to your daily activities.  Most people think that exercise is just good for the heart and cardiovascular system.  But exercise is even good for your skin too.  By exercising daily, you will improve the way that your body functions and you will eliminate stress. Stress causes many of the skin disorders like acne.

Finally, commit to a daily routine of cleansing your face.  Take care of your face the minute you get up in the morning and cleanse your face before bedtime each night.  By starting and ending the day with facial cleansing, you will keep your skin fresh at all times and free from all of the environmental harm that our skin encounters each day.   

This plan might not make you acne free in 3 days but it will set you on a path to an acne free life.       

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